More than design

The first place, I offer the solutions for certain problems, that are related to the communication with the final user of the client's field.
To my mind, this is the aim of web design and exactly this I propose to all of my clients. With the use of Ui/Ux design the dialog with the customer reaches completely a new level of communication.
My personal approach to web design is to firstly analyze the key aspects of the task, choose the most convenient options and to create an outcome, that will represent the smartest solution. This approach allows to get the most professional result in the shortest amount of time.

Web Design
Developments landing pages and sites "turnkey" design of large projects with great logic and certain scenarios.
Site design & Customization
Functional developement
Modernization of websites, Introduction of the new functions and improvement of the existing. Increased capacity of the source.
Functional Developement
Wireframe design
Website project development on the basis of layouts, content and requirements. Creation of mock-ups and further aspects.
Interactive Prototypes
Development of interactive prototypes of different complexities. From the map and design of the structure to actual click-working prototype.
Interactive Prototypes